Christmas is meant to be shared with an abundance of good food and drink, good conversation, and good cheer.  And let’s not forget those hilarious Christmas party games.  You’ll want to choose the location for your party–home or at a special Des Moines event center.  Once you’ve decided, you and/or the party planner at a Des Moines event center can place your personal signature on your unique Christmas party.  Remember these ten tips to guarantee your party’s success:

  • Plan with Personal Style
  • Don’t Over Extend Yourself
  • Be Creative
  • Create A Versatile Menu
  • Organize Food and Drink Stations
  • Prepare for Children
  • Greet Your Guests
  • Don’t Micro-Manage
  • Select Music
  • Relax and Enjoy

And get ready for the chaos of Christmas party games…

We’ve made our list and checked it twice! Here are a few of our favorite Christmas party games. In house or at a Des Moines event center, bring ‘em ho-ho-home for the holidays with the promise of prizes and gifts.

Mystery Stocking-Fill a stocking or sock with a collection of “mystery items,” and pass it around.  Consider things like holly, scotch tape, ornament, pine cone, etc. Make sure you put about 20 to 25 different objects in. Tie a ribbon or rope around the opening to make sure nobody peeks.  Lots of players?  Multiple stockings will move the game along.

Holiday ABC’s-Give each player a piece of paper with the alphabet written vertically from A to Z. They must come up with a holiday word that somehow relates to each letter. The first team to complete their list wins a prize.

Christmas Carol Charades– Get dramatic! You can’t beat this Christmas party game; it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Name that Christmas Tune-It’s a holiday twist on the classic game. Play a few notes of a Christmas song, and let the your guests guess the name of the tune. Have some players who know it all?  Make ‘em name the artist as well.

Gift hot potato-Pass around one unwrapped gift at a time. When the music stops, whoever holds it is out of the game, keeping the gift they are holding.

Photo booth-Provide silly holiday props and backdrops to the players and watch them get silly for the cameraman (your Des Moines event center planner can help line up a professional for that special family photo).

Two truths and a lie (A Christmas party game ice breaker)-Each person tells three stories about themselves, two of which are true and one that is not. A great Christmas twist is to name their three worst Christmas gifts; two would be true and one would be false.

Decorate a person as a Christmas tree-Using green crepe paper, ornaments, tinsel—whatever you can find—decorate your “tree.” First or best one wins!

No matter what Christmas party  games your group decides to play…whether it’s at your home or at a Des Moines event center, remember the point is to let go and have fun. Shoot  for good sportsmanship and have a sense of humor! After all, embracing the holiday spirit is the name of the game.