No, we are not necessarily indicating that emerald green should be the color theme for your wedding. The average wedding produces 400 lbs of garbage and a whopping 63 tons of CO2! The benefits of an eco-friendly wedding are many. Not only does an eco-friendly wedding help reduce impact on the environment, but it also reduces the impact on your wallet. Buying vintage items and opting for locally made products will drastically reduce the cost of a wedding.

Instead of using bleached and dyed paper, use recycled paper for your save-the-date and invitations. An even better option is to make electronic invitations and email them to your guests. You can also put up your wedding registry online and encourage your guests to rsvp by email.

Wearing a brand new wedding dress once is definitely a waste. Buy a chic vintage gown or use one that has been worn by someone in your family instead. With some alternations you will have a dress that not only is unique but also very trendy. Most bridesmaids will be relieved if they don’t have to spend a fortune on a new dress. Take them to a second hand store and spend a girls’ night altering the dresses together.

Instead of spending a fortune on engagement and wedding rings, opt for family heirlooms or vintage rings on your fingers. If you want to buy new rings, make sure they come from socially and environmentally responsible manufacturers. Blood diamonds are in circulation all over the world and their toll on human lives and Mother Nature is significant.

Avoid imported flowers that are sprayed with harmful pesticides. The chemicals used in the process are very harmful to the environment and contaminate water sources. The massive amount of fuel used to transport the flowers to their final destination is also a factor. Always use seasonal, local, and organic flowers to avoid environmental damage. You will also contribute to supporting the local economy by ordering your flowers from a nearby business.

Digital photography is hardly breaking news today. It is simply the best way to go in order for you to be able to view huge amounts of online proofs before deciding which ones to order and print. Digital photos are also easy to share with family and friends on social media or through email.

Reuse is the keyword for the décor. Reduce the amount of décor that will go straight in the trash can after your wedding day by reusing ceremony flowers at the reception, use porcelain and glass instead of paper and plastic plates and cups, real table cloths instead of single-use ones, and vintage center pieces collected from friends and family.


Ask for money to sponsor your honeymoon or something else you are saving up for. Another great idea is to ask your guests to donate money to a charitable green cause.


The best option for the wedding couple is to ditch the limousine and go with a traditional horse and carriage. Make traveling easy for your guests and hold your ceremony and reception at the same venue or close by, and carpool or rent a shuttle bus for them to get around.


Avoid classic hotspots such as national parks and tropical reefs, since they are ecologically sensitive areas. Look for green accommodations and eco-friendly ways of traveling to your destination. If you haven’t checked backpacking by train in Europe off your bucket list yet this is your chance!