Spring and summer are the seasons for weddings. But with summer temperatures always unpredictable, you could have nice weather for your outdoor wedding, or you could have swelteringly hot temperatures for your wedding. If temperatures are expected to skyrocket on your big day, it’s best to have a plan on how to keep you and your guests cool during the ceremony. Here are a few ideas on how to keep you and your guests cool, even if you’re having an indoor ceremony and reception.

Hand-held fans
Whether you get battery powered hand-held fans, or just fold up fans, offering guests hand-held fans to help keep them cool is a great way to beat the heat this summer. You can order them in your colors, or even decorate them yourselves to match your theme and décor. The fans can also double as wedding favor.

Take the party inside
Check with your venue and see if an inside option is available. While you may have planned a beautiful outdoor wedding, sometimes the heat can be too much and the last thing you need on your wedding day is someone, or you, passing out from heat exhaustion. If you’re worried about heat, talk to your venue about moving it indoors and save the hassle.

Cover it up
Noon-day heat is the worst. Especially if you’re planning on having a mid-day wedding, consider various types of shade covers to help protect guests from the beating rays of the sun. Consider using umbrellas or backyard shades that can be tied to trees or poles at your venue. Angle them so that they will block the sun. If you’re looking for a way to class them up, consider decorating them with flowers or as the sun goes down, string them with lights to create a night-time ambiance.

Keep ‘em hydrated
Whether your wedding is inside or outside, hydration is crucial, especially if you’ll also be drinking alcohol. Consider buying bulk packages of bottled water to give out to wedding guests. You can even get creative and make special wedding themed labels for them to give them a bit of a classier charm.

Consider the food
Food is always an important aspect to any wedding reception. Instead of serving just heavy, hot food like meats and potatoes, consider serving some options that are sure to cool off your guests. Bring in a shaved ice machine, or even have an ice cream bar as a way to cool guests off.

Spritzing stations
Depending on your budget, there are two ways to do a spritzing station. If you’ve got the money to do so, consider renting a mister that you can set off to the side and let guests walk in and out of it. If that’s not in your budget, get a handful of spray bottles to fill with water so guests can spray themselves whenever they get too hot. Be sure to keep these on ice and in a shaded area so they stay cool and serve their intended purpose.

Summer weddings are truly beautiful, but can be very hot, but luckily there are many ways to beat the heat this summer.