The cold winter months in Des Moines provide a gorgeous back drop for pictures. Don’t forget to bring your camera along on your next Des Moines trip and capture the stunning beauty of nature that is located just around the corner from Ramada Tropics Resort & Conference Center. Our Des Moines hotel gives you some great winter photography tips!

Bundle up
Flexible gloves with rubber grips are a must. Hunting stores usually have a great supply of comfortable and warm gloves that will protect your hands from the cold while giving you a steady grip. Also, never underestimate the need for warm socks and boots. Standing around in the cold while waiting for the perfect shot can be uncomfortable! If you are serious about winter photography, a pair of snowshoes could be worth the investment. They allow you to “off road” from the hiking trails.

Battery Backup

Keep a wrapped up extra battery with you, since batteries can’t handle the cold very well. Your camera will be ok, but be ready to swap the existing battery out if the camera suddenly stops working.

Snow is white, we know. But try to bring out the other colors of nature in your shots. Green trees, red benches, yellow coats – you get the picture (pun intended).

Avoid having the snow look gray in your pictures by increasing the exposure compensation. A full step will usually do the trick.

When to Go Outside
Some of the best moments for winter photography are right after it snows, and right after a quick drop in temperatures. You could get lucky and find some icicles! The sun at dusk and dawn will reflect beautifully on ice and make for some amazing shots.

Don’t Shock Your Camera
Bringing the camera from freezing cold into a warm hotel room could damage the inside. Condensation can cause water damage, so make sure to put the camera inside a sealable bag so it can warm up gradually.

Other Useful Tips
Use a UV filter to protect your camera lens. The filter won’t affect your pictures, but it will extend the life of your camera. Another great tip is to turn on the flash. It will add some sparkle to the snow and ice, as well as more details on the subject you are shooting. Also, don’t forget to use a higher ISO when taking action shots such as animals running or someone skiing.

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