Add a splash of fun to your kid’s birthday party! We all remember the anticipation associated with our birthdays as kids: presents, cake and friends! Let Ramada Tropical Resort help you throw a successful kids birthday party in our 18,000 square foot Buccaneer Bay indoor water park! We have compiled our best birthday party planning tips for you to throw a great party and make your child feel extra special.

Our Buccaneer Bay water park is perfect for hosting successful birthday parties! We offer a birthday package that includes:
• 6 additional water park wrist bands
• 3 Large Pizzas
• 3 Pitchers of Pop
• Paper Products ( plates, napkins, cups and plastic forks and spoons)
• A table for your party- with a reserved 90 minute time frame
We can accommodate up to 30 party guests in our water park!

The Guest List
This is the easiest part of the planning. Simply invite your child’s friends and family. Theme parties are fun, and whether the theme is ‘princess’, ‘pirate’, or ‘luau” – the kids will love it! Put a little thought into it and always take your child’s personality into consideration. A fun crafts project is to make the invitations together with your child instead of buying them.

Date and Time
It is a good idea to check with your guests what days and times that would be convenient for them to attend. Saturdays and Sundays are usually the best days for throwing a birthday party. Call us on 515.278.0271 to ask about availability.

The Cake
Don’t be afraid to experiment and make your own, personalized birthday cake. An easier way to do it is to buy a cake with a solid color frosting and decorate it. If you lack time or cake baking talent, the easiest way is to order a cake from a bakery.

To throw a successful kids birthday party, it is a great idea to plan some fun water games. Don’t hesitate to get in the water and have fun with the kids. They will enjoy it and so will you!
‘Marco Polo’, swimming races, water basketball or volleyball are perfect games to play at the Buccaneer Bay water park.

Party Favors
Your guests will love to receive little party favors at the end of your successful event. They don’t have to be pricey at all – here are some cool party favor ideas:

• Bubbles
• Temporary tattoos
• CD’s with your kid’s favorite songs
• Caramel apples

Make sure to go through the water park rules with the guests before they get in the water. Children who cannot swim adequately should wear life jackets for their safety. All children need to be monitored by chaperones while they are in the water, so make sure to invite their parents to come along and join the fun!
We hope you enjoy these birthday party planning tips. Remember, no cleanup, no stress. Just enjoy Buccaneer Bay and let us take care of the rest!
For more information and birthday party reservations, contact us at 515.278.0271.
Let’s have a blast at Buccaneer Bay!