A family vacation would not be complete without the family pet. But if not done properly, a vacation with the family pet could also become stressful quickly. Follow these tips to ensure that not only you but your furry friends also have a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

Always call ahead and make sure that wherever you are staying it pet friendly. This will decide for you whether you can bring your furry friend along. If where you are staying is pet friendly, then pack the bags, Fido is going on a road trip! When preparing your pet for a road trip, make sure you pack all of their essentials. Don’t forget things like enough food for the trip (portioning it out into single serve packs might help to make sure you got enough), their food and water bowls, a travel water bottle for the car, a few of their favorite toys, other treats they might like such as milk bones, any medication they may be taking at the time, their leash, etc.

Always make sure you pet is wearing a collar with an identification tag on it. It should have their name and your cell phone number in case they get lost, as well as immunization tags. Getting your pet microchipped is also a cheap and effective way to ensure that even if they do get lost, they’ll make their way back to you. Most vets will microchip pets for as little as $40.

If traveling by airplane, call the airlines ahead of time to ensure that you know what the rules and regulations are for traveling with pets. If traveling by car, it may be a good idea to get a large crate that they are able to stand, sit, and lie down in. Line the crate with a blanket to make it more comfortable for them. Remember if traveling by car, you may need to stop more often to accommodate them and let them use the restroom.

A good rule of thumb when traveling by car is if you get out of the car, your pet should as well. More and more pets die each year from heat exhaustion and the temperature inside your car can get hot very fast. Be sure not to leave your pet in the car alone in order to avoid heat exhaustion. Carrying a traveling water bottle also helps to give pets water when they get hot and need to cool down.

When staying in a hotel with your pet, remember it’s a new place with new smells, so your pet may be nervous or excited, even if they are normally well mannered. Don’t leave them alone for too long and always clean up after them.

Traveling with pets can be fun or it can be stressful. Following these simple tips can help to ensure that you have a fun filled vacation with your family pet. We here at Ramada Tropics are pet friendly and look forward to welcoming you and your furry friend on your next family vacation.