All ladies need their girlfriends. One of the greatest joys in life for a lady is to have a girl’s night, free of boys, where they can let loose and do the things they don’t get to do while looking after kids and husbands. There are many things that make up a great girls night. Here are just a few suggestions.

Rent out your hotel room
The best place to have the next girls night is definitely a hotel room. Having it at the house with kids running around and husbands asking for help is out of the question. Book a hotel room so that you and your girlfriends can truly get away for a night. Perks of hotels: water parks and hot tubs for relaxing!

Food and drinks
No good girls night is complete without great food and even better drinks. Stock up on your favorite wine and beer and perhaps even some other liquor. You could even make girls night specials to have a special drink for your special night. Don’t forget the junk food. Even the healthiest person has their weakness and a girls night is not a girls night without some junk food. Grab the chocolate, cupcakes, chips, and other fun snack items for a night of freedom without kids grabbing the candy bar out of your hand.

Get crafty
All ladies have that one Pinterest board full of craft projects they someday want to attempt. Pick out a few of your favorite ones, gather the supplies for it, and have some crafting time during your girls night to complete some of those easier projects. There’s no need for a wood shop full of saws going on, but why not try those pallet coasters made out of popsicle sticks or that homemade heating pad?

Cheesy chick-flicks
Let’s be honest, the biggest reason for girls nights is to secretly watch the latest Channing Tatum movie without prying or judgmental eyes. Grab all of your favorite chick-flicks and get ready for a movie marathon of epic proportions. Maybe this is even your chance to break out those old O.C. DVD sets you have hidden away, collecting dust.

Spa Treatment
Throw it back to the good ol’ days of having your own mini spa at your sleepovers. Break out the nail polish, the eye shadow, and the different face masks and time to do some spa treatment on you and your friends. Try out some different makeup techniques and feel refreshed after a night of pampering yourself.

Dance the night away
You don’t have to go out to dance the night away. If someone owns a gaming console, bring that along and have a friendly game of Wii dance. Or simply turn on some of your favorite old school and new school jams and show off your latest Zumba moves. Don’t worry, your girlfriends’ moves are just as bad as yours.

Be sure to book your room at the Ramada Tropics today and when all else fails, make sure to pack your swim suit to hang out at Buccaneer Bay. Who doesn’t love pirates at a girls night?!