The holidays are busy travel days all over the country, but traveling doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our Des Moines hotel gives you some great travel tips for your next Iowa trip:

Packing Pro. Instead of creating folded piles, you can roll your clothes and stack them in your bags. This will save more space than you think and also keep the wrinkles away. Packing rolled socks in your shoes is also a great idea. The ultimate packing pro can also use big zip lock bags when rolling the clothes, and press all the air out before sealing them in order to save even more space! Make your bags easy to identify by attaching colorful address tags to them.

Safety First. Scan valuable documents such as passports, ID cards, itineraries, insurance documents etc. and email them to yourself. That way, you will have access to them from virtually anywhere if you happen to lose any of them.

It’s All about the Numbers. Before leaving home, write down the emergency telephone numbers to your credits card companies. If you lose your cards, it is great to be able to call the company immediately and cancel your cards.

Other Necessities. Noise-cancelling headphones or ear plugs is a must for the light sleeper. Resistance bands are great if you want to keep your exercise regime going during your travels, and they take up minimal space in your luggage. A small pharmacy travel kit containing band aids, painkillers, medications, and cold pills is a must!

Snap a Pic. Take a photo of the location or street sign where you park your car at the airport and downtown. It’s not fun trying to locate the “lost” vehicle when you are tired and just want to get home.

Airplane trays and armrests are crawling with bacteria, so be on the safe side and wipe them off with antibacterial wipes.
Tape Tape Tape. Whether you bring scotch tape or duct tape is up to you, but tape always come in handy! Use them for sealing lids on messy products like shampoo and lotion, getting lint and hairs off your clothes, and much more.

Unpack Smart. When in your hotel room, unpack only the necessities from your luggage. It makes it less likely for you to forget things upon check out (and it is easier to pack again!).

Fight the Jet Lag.
Exercise and hydration are the key components to fight jet lag. The fitness room at Ramada Tropics Resort & Conference Center is well-equipped and here for our guests to enjoy.

Home Sweet Home. Make it a priority to unpack as soon as you get home. The next morning you will be glad you threw clothes in the washer and put the toiletries back in place.

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