Spring has sprung which means wedding season is upon us. For both brides planning spring weddings and guests attending a long list of weddings this spring season, the spring is a beautiful and busy time for weddings. If you’re a bride and you have a few things left to plan for your spring wedding or if you’re planning a spring 2017 wedding, here are a few ideas of the latest spring wedding trends to get the ideas flowing.

Embrace the Rainy Weather
Spring is a wet season. April showers bring May flowers after all. Take this into account, but don’t let it stop you from planning the wedding of your dreams. Nice umbrellas look surprisingly good in pictures, so invest in some really nice and cute umbrellas in case it rains. This way you can incorporate the umbrellas into your bridal party pictures and have some really unique photos. Rain goulashes will also look fun in your photos. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, it’d be nice for your guests, as well, if you have a basket of cheap umbrellas on hand to help keep them from getting wet as well.

Flower Power
It is spring after all, and this is the season when flowers start to bloom and colors are vibrant and no longer winter drab. Use flowers in your decorating more than usual. It’s natural to have flowers at a wedding, but use spring specific flowers and center your decorating around flowers to give your wedding an extra spring pop. Use floral prints in different things like bridesmaids dresses or ties for the groomsmen.

Open Air Transportation
Winter has ended so the weather is warming up. Who says you have to make your getaway in a car? Make your grand exit by bike, motorcycle, scooter, or even a convertible. The options are endless now that the weather is warm, so get out and explore some different options than just a car or limo. Get creative and don’t be afraid to be different.

Seasonal Tastes
Plan your reception menu around seasonal tastes: lots of fresh and flavorful fruits and vegetables. Serve lemonade for drinks and you could even plan your cocktails around fresh fruits to make it more festive. Spring is full of great fresh flavors. Work with your caterer to plan a truly springy menu for your guests.

If you are planning a spring 2017 wedding and are still searching for a venue, give Ramada Tropics Resort and Conference Center a call at 515-278-0271 and talk to one of our event coordinators to help you plan the perfect spring wedding of your dreams. From large conference and banquet rooms, to Buccaneer Bay to help you at the after party, the Ramada Tropics Resort has everything you need to help you plan your spring wedding.