It’s that time of year again, where costume-wearing and candy eating is encouraged. Trick-or-treating may be reserved for kids, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t have some fun on Halloween, too.  And at Des Moines event center, you’re sure to find one that fits your idea of howling hilarity.

Parties are a fun excuse to turn your friends and family turn into ghosts and ghouls, and to get really creative with holiday party ideas. Rattle some bones–Halloween parties are exciting escapes for adults, children or both!

Des Moines Event Center–Making the most of your Halloween party ideas

Event centers offer a wide variety of options to help make your Halloween party ideas come to life.  We asked our experts to tell us what info they need to plan a great Halloween party:

  • What is the date of your Halloween party?
  • Do you have a specific theme in mind?
  • How many people will you be hosting at the Halloween party?
  • Will you be requiring onsite food catering?
  • How much do you expect to spend per plate?
  • Will you be requiring a full service bar or food stations for a cocktail hour?
  • Will you be requiring a catering hall that provides party favors?

Be sure to speak with your Des Moines event center planner for more ideas to make your Halloween party great.

Themes to make your Halloween party ideas wickedly wonderful

There are hundreds of Halloween party ideas.  You probably have one of your own, but the following are a few of our favorites:

  • Mad Scientist Laboratory Party – Great for kids and adults. Frankenstein, Igor and the spooky laboratory.
  • Wedding Halloween Party – Here Comes the Bride (of Chucky, that is). It takes a special group of guests to pull this one off.
  • 80’s Horror Halloween Party – The era of horror movies. Relive the fright with Freddie and Jason. Here’s Johnny!
  • Mardi Gras Halloween Party – Costumes and masks combined with elegance and mystery.
  • Zombie Halloween Party Idea – Infect your guests with the excitement of a Zombie theme party. The perfect undead assembly.
  • Black & Orange Ball Party – Everyone and everything in the official colors of Halloween.
  • Dead Rock Star Party – One of our favorites Halloween party ideas. Janis, Elvis or Frank. And the party music will be great.
  • Halloween Vamp Party- Vampires are hot, hot, hot! Bring your social life back to life.
  • Above the Neck Party – Easy, breezy Halloween party idea. Even people who never wear a costume will wear a mask, wig or beard. Halloween from the neck up.
  • Not So Scary Halloween Party – No tricks, just treats…that’s our idea of a kid-friendly Halloween party idea. Pumpkins and candy corn instead of goblins and werewolves.
  • Jack O’Lantern Jumble Party – A pumpkin-themed Halloween party works for all ages and is fun, too.
  • Jack Sparrow Halloween Party – Sail the seas of Halloween party fun! Kids can enjoy a pirate treasure hunt. And adults will sing Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum!

So whether it’s a party at a Des Moines event center or in your home…Witch-ing you a Happy Halloween!