Kids birthday parties are a vital way to make any child feel important on their special day. Kids love to be involved in the planning of their party and can continue the excitement weeks in advance of the big day. At the Des Moines Ramada Tropics Resort, we have just the space to make your child’s birthday run smoothly. With our Buccaneer Bay Indoor Water Park, it’s the ideal space for any pirate or mermaid-themed birthday parties.

Ahoy Matey! Fly High on a Pirate Adventure

Get out your eye patches and wooden legs for your pirate themed kids birthday party! No pirate themed birthday party invitation is complete until the correct lingo is included like, “Me hearties” or “Shiver me timbers!” Using a Jolly Rogers flag or treasure map are the perfect backgrounds to make anyone want to attend your child’s pirate themed birthday party. But, these invitations shouldn’t look clean and pretty – the older and crumply they look, the better! Burning the edges and staining them with coffee or tea will make each invitation look like they were uncovered from another time. Be sure to include on the invitations that each guest should wear their own version of a pirate costume! Creating prizes for the most creative or most authentic looking costume is a great way to get your child’s friends involved in your pirate themed kids birthday party.

Finding the perfect decorations for your pirate themed birthday party is vital in transporting your child and their friends to another world. A treasure chest is a key decoration that can easily be crafted out of a Styrofoam cooler. Plastic or chocolate-filled gold coins, colored beaded necklaces, Starburst candies, and other fun treasures can fill the treasure chest. Your child and their friends can eat and use what’s in the chest as attire to make their pirate costumes more realistic. Our pirate ship at the Buccaneer Bay Indoor Water Park at the Des Moines Ramada Tropics can be a staple in moving the fun from the room to the water at your pirate themed birthday party.

Seashells Galore! Fin-tastic Fun for Mermaids

A pirate ship lures out one sea creature: mermaids. Although Disney offers its own take on these creatures, it’s easy to create your own take on this beach-style/mermaid theme. Invitations should stick with ocean colors from aqua to teal to any deep purples. Scales, tails and seashells can all be incorporated in the design. Water-marked or pearly white invitations with key phrases like “Under the sea” or “Making a splash” can be included to bring the mermaid theme a little more to life, especially when it’s held at a water park. The guests can dress up as mermaids as a bathing suit or cover up so everyone feels like they’re already swimming with the fishes.

A giant oyster with a pearl in the middle can be a perfect photo op stand for the guests to feel like a mermaid. Creating a way for the shell to go over a chair can make it seem like the mermaids are sitting inside. Real shells and starfish scattered around are perfect decorations to make everyone feel like they’re in the ocean with a mermaid twist. Of course sand is hard to bring into public areas, but having small areas where it’s controlled is better than nothing. Creating messages in a bottle, having jellyfish hanging from the ceiling or having mermaid tails for everyone to try are perfect ways to make your child and their friends feel like mermaids. Sliding down one of the slides or splashing around in the pools at the Buccaneer Bay Indoor Water Park will be a key to making the mermaid experience happen.

Planning the perfect kids birthday party for your child can be a fun but stressful time. Having your birthday party at the Buccaneer Bay Indoor Water Park can make the perfect theme appear. Pirates and mermaids are an easy pick with our pirate ship and slides to make everyone feel like they’re out on the open sea. A pirate themed birthday party can involve fake sword fights on the deck while mermaids can splash their tails in the deep pools.  If you already have a room reserved at the Des Moines Ramada Tropics Resort, you have access to our Ultimate Birthday Party Package. Pizza, pop and paper products will be provided to help decrease your stress of planning the party. To receive more information and to start planning your birthday celebration, call the Des Moines Ramada Tropics Resort at 515-278-0271.