Air travel can be a stressful ordeal. Long lines, uncomfortable seats, and running between connections can ruin the beginning and end of your journey.
We have gathered the most important inside tips about air travel for next time you plan to visit Ramada Tropics Resort and Conference Center in Des Moines.

The Name Matters

Make sure the name on your ticket matches the name on your ID. They need to be an exact match in order to avoid unnecessary hassle when checking in. Worst case scenario, you might not be allowed to check in. If you happen to make a spelling-error or accidently put “Rob” instead of “Robert” on your reservation, the airlines usually charge a ~$100 name change fee.

Nonstop Flights Are to Prefer
As deceiving as they may sound, direct flights can make stops at other airports before reaching your final destination. You may be asked to step off the flight for hours, so opt for the nonstop flights.

Save Yourself a Seat
Aisle or window? Front or back? Most airlines will let you reserve your own seating online 24 hours before departure. Take advantage of this if you have a seating preference and travel comfortably all the way to Des Moines!
Avoid the rows that are located right in front of the lavatories, since they usually don’t tilt back. If you have connecting flights, sit near the front of the plane so you can get off the plane more quickly. Few things are more frustrating than having a tight flight connection and being at the end of the line.

Carry Less
If you are only going to be gone for a few days, try to fit everything in your carry-on luggage. That way you don’t have to pay extra fees for checked luggage, you don’t have to wait for your luggage to show up (or worst case scenario – NOT show up) on the conveyor belt, and you will have less to drag around. Should I keep going?

Pack Smart

Regardless if you are choosing to travel lightly or not, make sure you pack overnight essentials and two changes of clothes in your carry-on luggage. That way, you will survive and still look presentable even if your checked baggage ended up in Philadelphia and you at our Des Moines hotel.

International Travel

Make sure you have all your foreign travel documents in order. Some countries require preapproved visas, while others just require some paperwork to be filled out during your flight. travel.state.gov/ has a complete list of entrance regulations for you to review.

If possible, always check in before you get to the airport. Most airlines have online check in services on their websites or on cell phone apps. It is fast, easy, and you can head straight to the baggage drop-off.

Lounge Out
Relax and replenish at an airport lounge if you are traveling far and have one or more connecting flights. Some airlines offer admission to their lounges for free to members of their loyalty programs, but other travelers can pay an up-front fee to enjoy the same amenities. A quiet environment with drinks, wifi, magazines, comfortable chairs etc. will work wonders on you while being in between destinations.

On Board
Last but not least, be nice and polite to the flight crew. On short flights, try to use the restroom before boarding. Crowding the aisle when the flight attendants are trying to serve food and beverages isn’t the best idea.

We hope you find these inside tips about air travel useful, and that you will come visit us at Ramada Tropics Resort and Conference Center soon. Travel safe!