Business trips. Two words that most employees dread to hear. But business trips do happen, and if done right, they can make a world of difference in your work life and can change the way your company does things. So how do you have a successful and hassle free business trip? Follow these simple steps to make sure that your business trip is smooth and doesn’t cause the migraine of the century.

Plan Ahead
Make sure you have everything that you need for your trip prepared and you are well versed in where you are going and when. Set out all of the paperwork you will need the night before and review it so when it’s time to leave, there are no surprises. Leave early so you are not rushed and have everything you will need easily accessible so there are no surprises at the airport. Make sure you know your priorities and stick to them.

Eat Right and Get Plenty of Sleep
It’s never fun to be sick, but it’s especially bad when you are sick while on a business trip. Going on a business trip on the company’s dime is not an excuse to eat as much junk as you want and stay out until all hours of the night drinking. It is important to continue to eat healthy and not drink too much, while still getting as much sleep as you normally do so that you are able to perform at your best possible level.

Travel Light
Traveling light will help you to maintain your sanity during your trip. If you can fit everything you need into a carry-on, not only will it be cheaper, but it will also help you keep track of fewer things. Most business trips tend to be short, so it should be easy to pack everything into a carry-on bag, plus your purse/laptop bag if you plan your outfits accordingly. Take time before leaving to plan accordingly and make sure your stuff fits in a small bag. Take travel size toiletries so that you don’t have to carry more than you actually need in the form of large bottles.

Keep Your Electronics Charged
While this may seem like a no-brainer, it is crucial that you always have your laptop/tablet and phones charged and ready to go. Invest in a good portable charger that you can use for your phone that doesn’t require a wall outlet to charge so that you can charge on the go if you use your phone a lot. It will help make the trip go much smoother.

Don’t Forget the Business Cards
You are going to be rubbing shoulders with many different level employees in different departments. It will not hurt your networking skills one bit to have a stack of business cards handy to give out to key players. It will also help other employees to be able to get ahold of you whenever they need to call on you for something, which always looks good to the boss man.

The Ramada Tropics Resort and Conference Center is here to help with any of your business travel needs. Check in with our friendly front desk staff and let them know what you need to make your trip go more smoothly.