Traveling with your family is a perfect way to bond, have fun, and experience adventure. Traveling gives your children an excellent opportunity for them to discover new, exciting places while you spend quality time together. Traveling with kids does not have to be a stressful ordeal – as long as you are organized and maybe a little innovative. Our family friendly Des Moines hotel is located minutes from downtown Des Moines and many local attractions. Stay at Ramada Tropics Resort and enjoy beautiful Des Moines with your entire family! Here are some great tips for traveling with kids:

Involve the Kids
Make decisions together as a family. Let the kids be part of some of the decision making regarding activities, food, and sights. Build their excitement and anticipation. Get the maps out and talk about where you would like to go, and let the older kids be in charge of their own packing (make sure to supervise it so essential items don’t get left behind).

Stock up on Snacks
Good travel snacks are apples, oranges, raisins, carrots, grapes, granola bars, and milk boxes. Stay away from providing the kids with too much sugar – or you will probably regret it.

Play it Safe
Statistically, kids are not more likely to get injured while traveling than they are at home, but it is never wrong to be precautious. Pack a first aid kit along with any medications you or your family may need. If you are making a trip to a national park or outdoor recreational area, walk around the area together to get familiar with the area and establish strict ground rules and safety boundaries. Point out landmarks that are easily recognizable and instruct your children what to do if they get lost. Point out dangerous plants such as poison ivy and explain to your kids that they are not allowed to feed or touch wild animals. Also make sure to inspect your children for ticks and bug bites several times a day. Insect repellant and sunscreens are a must to pack!

Do a little research before the trip to find fun, suitable activities and events at or on your way to your destination. Des Moines offers many child friendly attractions, such as Blank Park Zoo, Sleepy Hollow Sports Park, and of course our own Buccaneer Bay waterpark.

Keep it Clean
Bring ridiculous amounts of wet wipes, hand sanitizer, rags, and tissue to quickly clean up your kids (and your car).

“I’m Bored”
Bring new toys and books. Something new and exciting will hold their attention far longer than something they have played with or seen before. Ipads, cd’s with audio books, and coloring books will keep them busy during car rides. The most important item to pack? – Headphones.

Welcome to the Ramada Tropics Resort & Conference Center, one of the best Des Moines hotels and the only one with an indoor water park. Home to thriving cultural, historical and business districts, Des Moines is the perfect travel destination for family and business travelers alike. From the Des Moines Arts Festival and the Des Moines Botanical Center to the Capitol Building and the Des Moines Metro Opera, there is always something exciting to do and see. Whether you are in town for a business conference or a family holiday, we will make sure your stay is relaxing and enjoyable. Call 515-278-0271 to reserve your stay today!