Research local places to eat:

There’s nothing worse than getting to a new destination and having no clue where to eat, what’s good and what’s not. Before setting off on your holiday journey, research the best places to eat for each occasion. Even if you’re seeing family and friends during your stay, there will inevitably be meals spent away from their homes. You can easily find the best restaurants for your destination through sites like Trip Advisor and Yelp, where fellow travelers leave honest reviews about their latest experiences.


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Extended stay? Make your room feel festive:

Plan to spend more than a night or two at a hotel during your holiday travel? Bring some family decorations with you to make your room feel festive, especially if you are traveling as a family. Don’t want to haul around extra luggage? Visit a local Walmart or Target to purchase a mini tree and mini decorations that can easily be transported without taking up too much room. Making your hotel stay feel like home can make all the difference for an extended stay in a new destination.


Enjoy local activities:

Local activities are abundant during the holiday season. Between ice skating, visiting Santa, holiday strolls through Downtown areas, and shopping at local shops, there is plenty to do in almost every town across America. Taking part in local activities can break the feeling of cabin fever during an extended stay. It can also bring together your family and friends and encourage everyone to take in the excitement for the holidays.


Volunteer for a charity:

Looking for a way to give back while you visit family and friends? Research before you leave or ask around once you arrive for local charity’s or soup kitchens that you can volunteer at. Almost every charitable organization will need the extra help during the holidays and will happily welcome new faces into the fold of volunteers. You’re not only giving back, but you will be helping to spread your holiday excitement to those who truly need it most.