Travel Tips for Christmas Vacation

It’s the first day of December and already, the shops and local neighborhoods are looking festive and warm. Holiday music and warm cups of cocoa are perfect for welcoming in the most cheerful time of the year. Whether you love holiday travel or loathe the idea of it, we have a few Christmas travel tips to make your life a little easier during this time of year.

Accept the chaos

Holiday travel is synonymous with chaos and frustration. They practically go hand in hand. That being said, our advice is to embrace the very chaotic nature of traveling during the holidays. Letting go of the frustrations and going with the flow will help keep your mood light and your plans flexible.

Don’t travel during peak days

Traveling during peak days is the most stressful way to ruin your holiday spirit. If you can help it, avoid the days right before and right after Christmas. The airports will be less packed and the traffic won’t be as bad if you add in a few more days before and after the holiday.

Pack light

Packing light for your vacation has a variety of benefits. Less luggage to haul through the airport, less packing to arrange in the back of your car and less frustration all around. Instead of bringing along half of your wardrobe, try packing a few staple outfits that can be mixed and changed out.

Invest in portable chargers

There is nothing worse than running out of battery on your phone or table during travel delays. Invest in some high-quality portable chargers that can charge multiple devices. It’s a lifesaver both when traveling by plane and car.

Remember it’s about the memories

Take a deep breath and remember, Christmas time is about creating memories. It’s not about who came and who decided to not participate. It’s about spending time with those you love and less about the presents you receive. It’s all about the memories.

We hope your holiday travel goes off without a hitch and wish you and yours the happiest Christmas.