When you travel to Des Moines, you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants scattered throughout the city. It can difficult to navigate all of the different options so we’ve narrowed the list down for you to our top five favorite places to dine.

  1. Eatery A: With a focus on wood-fired pizzas, this local restaurant adds a Mediterranean flair to all of their dishes. With topping choices that range from figs to lamb gyro and merguez sausage with a variety of cheeses, you’ll leave feeling satisfied.
  2. Zombie Burger: With three locations in the Des Moines area, this restaurant is a favorite among locals looking for a good burger and a fresh pint.
  3. Akebono: If we could tell you to visit just one Japanese place in Des Moines, this would be it. From their upscale decor to their Asian inspired menu, each dish tastes and looks amazing.
  4. Coopers on 5th: Another local favorite, this restaurant was voted ‘Best Kept Secret on the Local Restaurant Scene.’ With their twist on traditional American favorite, Coopers offers a tourists a taste of local Iowa culture.
  5. Aposto: This quote from their website truly says it all:

Aposto is the idea that everything is in the place.  A bountiful harvest, the perfect seasonings, a beautifully aged bottle from the cellar or a magnificent sunset.  It’s the moment you summon friends around the dinner table and share stories over your favorite dishes.  Our humble little menu is a reflection of some of our favorite food encountered on our journeys.

Eat well and travel often, friends! -Tony Lemmo

Don’t just take our word for it. Before heading to Des Moines, be sure to do your research and map out some of your favorite restaurant choices. We also encourage you to take advantage of apps like Open Table to make reservations with some of the more popular fine dining options.

As always, if we can be of any help during your stay with us, feel free to stop by our front desk for recommendations and directions.