You may not be aware but Des Moines has quite a few breweries throughout the area. If micro brews are your jam, look through our list of breweries that are worth the visit and the taste!

Confluence Brewing Company

Microbrewery featuring a warehouse like tasting room pouring regular, seasonal & experimental beer.

Madhouse Brewing Company

Specializing in wild yeast, spontaneous sours and Bourbon barrel-aged stouts. Located just blocks from Downtown Des Moines.

Twisted Vine Brewing

Hand-crafted unique, palatable and unpretentious beers. Breaking rules while being creative to provide high-quality taste.

515 Brewing

Providing exceptional, flavorful and fresh beer. Expect a new combination of beers on tap, every time you walk through our door.

1717 Brewing Company

1717 Brewing Company, started by three of the Glenn boys-Jerry, Phil, and Matt-is a tribute to their parents and what they built. Even their phone number is the same one the house used for over 40 years.

Firetrucker Brewing

Firetrucker has flagship beers year-round, and loves to experiment with new special brews with an ongoing passion.

Don’t see your favorite brewery on our list? Let us know where you like to frequent and we will be sure to add it to our recommendations for future guests!